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At Peaceful, we offer a range of offerings taught by leading therapists, authors, and spiritual leaders.

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Peaceful’s Featured Courses

We offer a selection of courses in therapy, meditation, and personal development.

The Power of Soul Retrieval with Jill Kuykendall – $267

A 10-session online course to learn the art of soul retrieval and shamanic practices with Jill Kuykendall.

The Spiritwalker Teachings – $ 97

Join Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall on this foundation downloadable audio series that teaches the foundation for shaman practices.

Why Meditation & Inner Work?

To change the outer world we must first go inward to find our true nature. Through meditation and inner awareness practices, you can:

Reduce stress and anxiety
Increase clarity, productivity & efficiency
Connect with your higher self or soul
Experience more love and compassion
Bring deep peace and relaxation

Additional Course Offerings

Buy additional programs and courses offered by leading teachers.

The Power of Soul Retrieval – $267

Join Jill Kuykendall in 10 pre-recorded sessions to dive into the Art of Soul Retrieval.

Shaman Visionary Circle – $997

Get access to 25 pre-recorded sessions with Hank Wesselman, PHD, to learn shamanic journeywork.

The Spiritwalker Teachings – $97

The digital version teaches the foundations for shamanism with 8 meditations & drumming tracks.

About Us

Hi, We Exist to Serve & Uplevel the Consciousness of Humanity

LoPeaceful was started with the simple concept of helping souls learn practices to go inward and find peace within their minds and hearts. We publish online courses that transform consciousness and offer an expanding range of conscious products.

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