6 Books That Help You Feel More Inner Peace

There’s no doubt about it, we live in a fast-paced busy world that’s getting faster by the minute. The Tibetan Buddhists have a saying that teaches if we want to move into higher states of consciousness, we must fill our minds with something that is higher than it’s consciousness.

If we are constantly taking in advertisements, television, social media, and spending half our waking hours hustling and bustling around, we will have to absorb our mind in wisdom teachings too if we want to achieve a peaceful state. 

Here are 5 books I love to read before going to sleep to take in the vibration of peace and wake up with more calm and clarity.

  1. The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. In Eckhart’s first book he shows us multiple ways to bring our awareness into the present moment, the only place we can truly find peace. Pain is about the past and anxiety is about the future. The present moment itself is where the richest possibility for our lives is found.
  1. The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz. Most of us have some understanding that a simple life is a peaceful one! But simplicity does not abound in most modern cultures. How do we bring simplicity into a complex and busy life? By following these four principles in all of our life circumstances, and not just when it’s comfortable or convenient.
  1. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman. A success driven, world class athlete and college student accomplishes one great thing after the next and still feels dissatisfied. He was looking for something… but he didn’t know that something was a spiritual teacher. And the last place he thought to look was the local gas station! When Dan meets an old man nicknamed Socrates working as a gas attendant, his life gets turned upside down in profound ways.
  1. The Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer. What if thinking, and not external life circumstances, is the main source of our suffering as humans? Accepting this possibility on some level gives us an unprecedented window into freedom because we can actually “untether” ourselves from our thoughts, inviting in a direct experience of truth.
  1. Peace From Broken Pieces: How to Get Through What You’re Going Through, Iyanla Vanzant. If you love personal stories woven into the spiritual, healing or educational process, this one’s for you! Iyanla invites you into the most personal and tender moments of her life over a ten year period, and shows how everything we need to heal, grow, overcome and experience peace is revealed to us through connection, intimacy and our relationships.
  1. Bedtime Stories: A Unique Guided Relaxation Program for Falling Asleep and Entering the World of Dreams, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. One of the biggest obstacles to inner peace is a bad night of sleep. Or several sleepless nights strung together! Want a cantadora, or a “keeper of the old stories” to soothe your mind and ease your worries from the day as she guides you into meaningful dreams and deep sleep? Note: This is an Audiobook – but it’s so good we wanted to include it!

Remember, your state of consciousness is greatly influenced by what you consume. That means media, conversations, trainings, workshops, events and even the time you spend with others. If you make it a habit to consume something that’s higher than the mind, you’ll open the door to a more peaceful waking and sleeping state.

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